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Did you know that more than 23 million people in the United States actively participate in online communities? And while many of these people will use their interests to guide the communities they join, others might sign up based on their name.

After all, the name of a community says so much about its participants, which can make creating a moniker a nerve-wracking challenge. You want it to be good, memorable, even viral, but how do you create a name of that magnitude?

It can seem that the longer you ponder on these questions, the more out of reach the answers become.

Rather than hoping the right name will hit you like the infamous story of Newton and the apple tree, you need a process for creating online community names.

Well, you’ve found it right here. The community name ideas and examples ahead will help you create yours and cement your legacy.

The Importance of a Good Community Name

As Shakespeare’s masterwork Romeo and Juliet asks, “What’s in a name?” Only so much if you’re naming a community.

Here are several reasons why just any moniker won’t do.

Further Your Brand

Good community names sync seamlessly with your brand, creating another extension. If you think of your brand as a tree, your community is a branch that stems from the roots. It doesn’t exist solely to spread your brand, of course, but does that organically.

Helps People Find You

Imagine if Facebook didn’t have a name. How would everyone have found this social media community when it first started?

Or, throwing it back even further, remember the days of your favorite internet forum? You likely discovered it through its name, or if a friend recommended one to you, you decided its name was cool enough to warrant checking out.

Your community’s name is its unique identifier, what people will search for on social media and search engines when they want to learn more. It has to be good.

Explain What You’re All About

Let’s go back to Facebook since it’s a popular example. If you remember what it was about originally–an online platform for college-aged kids to connect–its name makes perfect sense. It’s an online book of faces, if you will.

Even today, that’s still what Facebook is, albeit at the very least.

Community names that denote what the presence of the online group is can drive more signups, as people won’t have to do as much research into your online community and what it’s all about. They can infer as much from the name.

Improves the Sense of Connection

Tribes have had names for as long as history has recorded them. Why name tribes? It strengthens loyalty among the group. You feel like you’re a part of something bigger, so of course you want to stick around.

More so, you’ll want to bring others into the fold, as you want them to feel that same sense of amazement and exclusivity you currently enjoy. The group grows naturally, attracting like-minded individuals who are still unique enough to offer varied discourse.

Showcases Your Values

Online community names also underscore your business values, another way the moniker builds toward your brand.

Top Strategies for Naming Your Community

You’re surely eager to come up with a five-star community name, so let’s explore naming conventions and how you can twist them to create yours.

Use Your Community History

Are the core members of your new community long-standing friends or business associates? You might dig back into your history as a group when naming your community.

However, if you go this route, it’s important to not be exclusionary in your name unless you want to attract a very niche audience.

As an example, if all the founding members of your community are in MENSA, calling your community MENSA Associates is not going to appeal to anyone who isn’t in MENSA (or who doesn’t want to be).

Again, if your goal is to bring in a small and select crowd, then an ultra-specific name like this is fine, but not if you want a large audience someday.

Explain What You’re About

A community name that’s upfront and effortless in showcasing what your community does or seeks to do is always excellent. For instance, if your forum is about helping people with their computer problems, you might call it [Name of Your Company] Virtual Tech Help Desk.

Be Clever (But Not Too Clever)

Do clever names have a place when coining your community? They can! That’s the beauty of community names; there’s no one right way to do it.

While a clever, catchy moniker might seem cool at the time, you have to ask yourself a few questions. 1.) Is this name still going to be contemporary several years from now, or will you severely date your community? 2.) Is the name too clever that most people don’t understand it?

Naming your community is sort of like remodeling your kitchen in that you want a blend of modern and classic so your name stands the test of time.

If you hop onboard the latest trend wholeheartedly, you might find yourself eager to make a name shift several years from now when the moniker is irrelevant. Renaming your community is difficult, as it’s like starting over from scratch.

Sure, you already have your members, but attracting new members will be harder, as you don’t have an established presence under the new name.

Think of Your Aspirations

You don’t have to name your community based on what it is right now. Instead, you can take inspiration from what it could be. Think big and let your dreams guide you toward a name that’s in line with your brand but reflects what the community’s ultimate goal is.

Use an Abbreviation

Abbreviations are always in, and they’re a great way to name a community if the original moniker you came up with is already used. While having a backup name (and a backup for your backup) is advisable, abbreviating the intended name could be the solution.

Now, there are some caveats about abbreviating a name you must know before proceeding. The abbreviation should make sense, so you might start with an abbreviation and then expand the name.

If you wanted to call the community Paragliders’ Land but that’s already used, naming the community PL doesn’t tell anyone much of anything. Instead, you might call it PL – Your Paragliding Resource.

An abbreviation must be PG. Even if the full name isn’t sexual, religious, or otherwise inappropriate in nature, it can quickly become that way if you abbreviate it.

Consider Another Language

Another tip for making your community name more unique and evocative is expanding beyond your native tongue. Terms in another language might be concise enough to encapsulate your ideas or aspirations in a word or two, making your community name smoother and more streamlined.

That said, keep in mind that naming your community in another language can be limited to your audience's reach.

Have a Community Naming Contest

If you’re still drawing a blank on the name of your community, why not let your audience help you out? Host a community naming contest and let them have the final say!

You can come up with four to six names and let the audience vote, or ask them to submit their favorites, then put those up to a vote.

Letting your audience decide helps with your dilemma of naming your community and lets them get involved, which they’ll surely appreciate. Their vote proves that their voices and opinions matter.

Hire Marketing Experts

Another solution if you’re struggling to come up with a suitable community name among yourself and a few key decision-makers is to hire a marketing team or even a solo marketer. They’ll ask about your brand, what you hope to achieve with your community, and what kinds of names you’re interested in.

The marketing team will produce a series of names that you can accept or veto depending on how you feel about it. As you continue working together, you’ll collaborate on a name you love.

Try a Business Name Generator

Last, but certainly not least, why not use a community name generator? Mighty Networks and Thinkrific are two stellar examples of free resources at your disposal.

Today’s name generators use the power of AI. All you have to do is input a few keywords or descriptors of your community, and voila, you’ll have names galore.

You might use the names verbatim or tweak them. Either way, you can rest assured the names are available.

100+ Community Name Examples for Inspiration


Are you ready to kickstart your new community naming process? Here is a comprehensive list of names for all sorts of interests and topics.

Aspiring Entrepreneur Community Names

  • Idea Refinery
  • Business Brainstormers
  • Innovation Junction
  • Start Your Success
  • Collaborative Creators
  • Entrepreneur Exchange
  • LaunchPad Connect
  • Idea Igniters
  • Startup Sparks

Pet Lover Community Names

  • Fur Family Fun Zone
  • Pet Lovers Unite
  • Pawsome Pet Celebrations
  • Pet Party Pals
  • Furry Friends Fiesta
  • Tail Waggin’ Tribe
  • Pet Passion Community
  • Barking Buddies Bash
  • Pet Paw-ty People

Vegan and Vegetarian Community Names

  • Vegan Food Explorers
  • The Plant-Based Pantry
  • Tasty Vegan Eats
  • Veggie Transition Tribe
  • Nutritious Nibbles
  • Green Plate Society
  • The Veggie Kitchen
  • Veggie Recipe Swap
  • Plant-Based Foodies

Foodie Community Names

  • Flavorsome Friends
  • Palate Pleasers
  • Epicurean Exchange
  • Gourmet Gathering
  • Food Fusion Fellowship
  • Savory Sensations
  • Tasty Gastronomes
  • Culinary Explorers
  • Flavorful Foodies

Health and Wellness Community Names

  • Revitalized Life Group
  • Community Wellness Hub
  • Fit and Flourish Network
  • Wellbeing Circle
  • Health Quest Squad
  • Motivated Fitness Collective
  • Active Lifestyle Society
  • Wellness Warriors
  • Fit Journey Tribe
  • Healthy Living Community

Sales Gurus Community Names

  • The Sales Training Hub
  • Evolving Sales Experts
  • Sales Dynamics Network
  • Transitioning Sales Trailblazers
  • Selling Success Society
  • Sales Mastery Circle
  • Career Connectors

Coaching Client's Community Names

  • Workshop Warriors
  • Life Mastery Hub
  • Success Seekers
  • Empowering Growth
  • Level Up Community
  • Potential Unleashed
  • Goal Crushers
  • Transformation Tribe
  • Empowered Achievers

Medical Experts Community Names

  • Innovative Care Community
  • Progressive Medical Minds
  • Medics in Transition
  • Knowledge Hub for Medics

Tech Lovers Community Names

  • Tech Challenge Connect
  • Innovative Solutions Society
  • The Coding Collective
  • Tech Wizards Union
  • Skill Sharpeners
  • Beyond Coding
  • Future Tech Builders
  • Innovators Hub
  • Tech Enthusiasts United
  • Code Crafters

Real Estate Community Names

  • Network of Opportunities
  • Profits and Properties
  • Invest Connect
  • Market Masters
  • Property Pioneers
  • Wealth Builders
  • Investment Insights
  • Real Estate Explorers
  • Market Mavens
  • Property Prodigies

New Parents Community Names

  • The Parenting Hub
  • Mom and Dad Mingle
  • Growing Together
  • The Parent Forum
  • Little Steps Community
  • Parenthood Pals
  • Family Circle
  • New Parent Connection
  • Nurture Network
  • Parenting Partners

Musicians and Music Lovers Community Names

  • Melodic Innovators
  • Harmonic Ventures
  • Rhythmic Explorations
  • Collaborative Notes
  • Creative Soundscapes
  • Harmonious Connections
  • Melody Masters

Financial Experts Community Names

  • Financial Insight
  • Prosperity Pathway
  • Money Mindset
  • Successful Strategies
  • Wise Investors
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Entrepreneur Exchange
  • Money Mastery
  • Wealth Wisdom
  • Financial Journey

Wrapping Up

Community names are sacred. They’re a part of an innate culture that only some get to experience. The moniker you choose for your community brands it, links its members, and helps new ones find you.

With so many great ways to name a community, especially contests and free naming tools, your perfect moniker is within reach!

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