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I liked how their actual CEO and Founder took the time to reply and really go through your questions (there's automation yes, but anything you write back to the sequence it's usually Rahul who talks to you), and they're very responsive -- not over 24 hours reply rate.
Dennis A
What I like BEST about FreshLearn is the easy-to-use interface that they built to create courses and quizzes inside the platform. I can easily create a Sales Page for each course right within the platform with its own custom domain. I can also create FREE courses for people or employees to take and complete. They even introduced their own CERTIFICATE creation module which looks great!
Mike Lester R
Systems & Methods Head
FreshLearn is pretty intuitive to use, and in the event that something is not clear the support is fast and efficient!
Andrew B
FreshLearn gives us to upload unlimited courses for our teams to improve ourselves in the team for amazing reasonable pricing.
As a small company that wants to improve, we create lessons in the team where we upload it to FreshLearn with documentations and small quizzes at the end of each lesson, we continue to improve our inbound team to archive new goals, and with FreshLearn we also create and resell the courses that we have recorded as an outreach income profit for the company.
Hüseyin Cem A
FreshLearn is a very intuitive platform, even for a person who isn't super tech savvy to set up a course. The support is stellar--the team is responsive round the clock and it's clear they really care about helping each customer, as well as continuously improving the product.
Marissa P
Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writer | Creator
  • Very Intuitive UI - easy to understand and no learning curve involved
  • Support is speedy and responsive.
Sachin S
Adjunct Faculty - Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

“FreshLearn gave me 100% control of my course. I simply uploaded my videos laid out the course to where I wanted to add my quizzes and assessment, and boom I was able to develop an online course it actually comes with embedded gateway payment system so I can also get paid for the work that I do.”

Tim Hobbs

US Veteran, Lean Six Sigma- Black Belt, MBA

Ease of set-up - I'm a total newbie at this and a bit of a technotard so if I can do it, anyone can., I love that I get quick responses from support. My questions and requests are taken seriously, even though they may be silly to some, they were patient with me. I love that they share where they are headed, makes me feel like I'm in good hands especially as I grow my online courses.
Carmen D
Outpatients Site Leader
The way it is easy to use. It offers a large set of possibilities for anyone who wants to set up a online school service.
Aimé P
Chimie analytique
User-friendly platform; easy to set up; ability to create multiple courses or a catalog where you can separate different courses for each author; ability to get paid in more than one currency for the same course; fully customizable, but there is one feature that stands out the most in my opinion: the Landing Page, which allows me to create a landing page right inside the platform. I think it's very handy to have that right inside the platform.
Vinnie R
Simple to use, correct pricing, QUICK support.
Gary A
Head of Growth
FreshLearn has developed a platform that enables beginners and experienced content experts to create a complete online course quickly. The platform is easy to navigate. The team is there to answer questions almost in real-time. The site also comes with a gateway payment system (PayPal and Stripe) to enable you to get paid for your work. The team is always adding new features to help you promote and sell your course. As an early adopter, I have been very satisfied partnering with the FreshLearn Team as we learn together.
Tim H
I like that the creators are always looking for ways to add to the service and make it the best course creation software there is. They are highly responsive and you feel like you as a customer matter to them, that you are not just an anonymous number. They answer your questions. I am trying to improve my knowledge of technology, but I'm a user of technology and this is not my specialty yet I am able to do a lot with this product. I like the cost, I like the functionality, I like that it is always improving, and I like the team's responsiveness. That's a lot to like!
Jackie B
Publishing Consultant

“We joined FreshLearn about 8 months ago and what we love the most about FreshLearn is their easy-to-use platform. I have been personally amazed by the amount. Also, I was totally impressed with their outstanding customer service. We get responses very quickly. It's easy to fit your branding easily.”

Corrina Hagen

Leadership & Career Coach at Zaradigm

“FreshLearn has ease of access and simplicity to build courses. You don't need to know any coding about web design or hosting. All you need is a word document or an idea of what you want to teach, and from that point, you can build on and build your course on FreshLearn.
The team is always there to support you. They have a top-class team that always helps you. ”

Trevoulin G

Director of TG IT AND MEDIA

It was easy to use and the layout wasn't difficult to learn. You can tell that there was a lot of thought put into the UI and most users wouldn't have issue churning out a course within 30 minutes assuming they have the materials ready.
This is the perfect software for people who just wants to set up a course and start selling. You can customise and rebrand (white label) the site even if you have time but it's good to go, straight out of the box!
Red R
Founder and Chief Marketer
I am an entrepreneur who build software on real estate and accounting. I have crated courses to train my customers who on board and also to train my new hires who join my firm.
I love the simplicity of the feature rich platform and also the excellent support the team provides.
Ahmed S
Chief Executive Officer
I encountered a minor issue that I couldn't figure out how to resolve, but soon after contacting FreshLearn customer service, they got on it and immediately fixed the problem.
Bill A
  • User Friendly LMS
  • Very efficient back end support
  • Neat UI
  • I can have my students comment at the end of each exercise
Akanksha P
Content Creator
I like the ease of use and simplicity of the LMS system, it's laid out well and the step by step process makes it easy to set up your course and payment easily. It can be setup within 30 minutes if everything is ready on your side.
Trevoulin G
The interface is really easy to use. It's easy to navigate and integrate payments. Also easy to manage assessments and members. If you are looking to build a teaching empire, this is a good program to start with!
Justin C

“I am using FreshLearn. FreshLearn is a very simple online course builder platform, and to me, two points highlight them from all of your options out there and the first one 1). Their outstanding Customer Support and the second 2). They offer the most extensive bundle of features for the lowest price I have ever seen on any online course builder platform.”



FreshLearn is a solid platform, which is easy to use, and does not come with too many distractions that you don't need!
As a course provider I want something that will allow me to upload my courses in chapters, allow access to pdf materials, take payments, track progress and give a certificate on completion.
FreshLearn does all of this easily and effectively.
The support given by them is amazing too!
Richard B
Life and Business Coach
As a tech digital marketer, I have been associated with many tech tools and have been trying out many LMS in the last 2 weeks to chose my course enabler. Most of the tools are way too complex and loaded with features that had no use for me. I found FreshLearn very easy to adopt and consume. everything I needed was so easily available
Specific things I liked
  • I found the course creation and white label journey easy.
  • The quiz feature is really good. It can be used for both assessments as well as for lead generation.
Shreyansh S
CEO and Co-founder
FreshLearn is super simple to use and setup courses. Adding users is simple as well. The support team is quick and responsive to any issues we have had.
Jeremy P
IT Director
Easy to understand and quick assistance.
Stefano R
Assistant Project Manager (APM
The functionalities are great: not only ease of course creation, but also the marketing, payments, and added functionalities on request.
Dominique D
Chatbot Evangelist
The support I got is just amazing! When testing, I had a problem with a payment not showing up. So I started the chat, and Raghu immediately asked me if we could do a Zoom call. It was great because I could explain my problem just fine and get immediate feedback. At the end it seems to be a PayPal issue.
Daniel R
Member Board Of Directors

“We use FreshLearn with clients such as angler & ash to train and develop their people. We highly recommend FreshLearn because their support team is wonderful, and so is their product. You won't be disappointed ”

Jorge Messa

Partner, Excellent Standard

“I am very happy with FreshLearn because it is very easy, quick, and fast customer support response. I am super excited about the future. If you're on the fence about whether to use FreshLearn or another similar product, go with FreshLearn I will guarantee you will be happy.”

Roberto Santoli

Udemy Creator, Owner & Trainer of the Academy of Net Marketing Courses


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