How to Structure a High-Converting Sales Landing Page For Your Online Course?
Sales Landing Page

How to Structure a High-Converting Sales Landing Page For Your Online Course?

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It’s 2024 and online education is the trend!

Since the attention spans are fleeting and the competition is huge, a high-converting sales landing page can really prove to be a game changer for all the course creators.

When potential students arrive at your landing page, within seconds, this page needs to capture their interest, clearly communicate the value you offer, and ultimately convince them to enroll.

That's the power of a high-converting landing page.

But you might ask, what makes a landing page truly effective? The answer lies in this blog.

We'll break down all the key elements that transform clicks into enthusiastic course members, giving you the tools to build a landing page that converts like a champ.

So, let’s get started. Shall we?

What Is A Sales Landing Page For Online Courses?

What is the sales landing page

A sales landing page, also referred to as an online course landing page, is a web page specifically designed to convert visitors into paying customers for your online course.

It’s like a central hub which has all the important information about your course, presented in such a way that it compels your visitors to take action.

Now, you may say that isn’t it what a course description does? Well, unlike a general course description on your website, a sales landing page is free from distractions, and it only focuses on promoting your course and driving sales.

You can say, it is your salesperson but in a digital form.

Also, it has been found that the average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 2.35%

So, make sure your sales landing page addresses any questions a potential student might have. Highlight the course's benefits, showcase your expertise, and convince them that this course is the solution to their needs.

Ultimately, it should aim to bridge the gap between a curious visitor and an enrolled student.

Long Sales Landing Page Vs Short Sales Landing Page

So, there are two types of sales landing pages and this table represents the differences. Both long and short landing pages have their own pros and cons and it's totally up to you to decide which will be preferable for your business.


Long Sales Landing Page

Short Sales Landing Page

Content Length

Long-form sales pages have 1200+ words

Short-form sales pages have less than 1200 words, often under 500


In-depth explanation, building trust, addressing objections

Quick conversion, clear value proposition


Detailed features, benefits, and social proof (testimonials, case studies)

Headlines, bullet points, key benefits


More complex, with multiple sections and visuals

Simpler, with a clean layout and minimal elements

Ideal Audience

Needs convincing, unfamiliar with product/service

Already somewhat familiar, ready to convert


Software with complex features, consulting services

Simple products, impulse purchases


More persuasive, builds trust, addresses concerns

Faster to create, easier to digest


Can be overwhelming, and requires more time investment

Less information, may not address all concerns


  1. Before choosing your sales landing page, consider your target audience and their level of awareness.
  2. If your product is complex or requires justification, a long page is better.
  3. But, for simple products or impulse buys, a short page might suffice.
  4. A/B testing can help determine which format works best for your audience.

How To Create An Effective Sales Landing Page For Your Online Course That Converts?

Capture Attention With The Hero Section

The Hero section is the most crucial part of any sales landing page, and it includes a large image and headline.

The initial few seconds that a visitor spends on your website are critical. So, use this opportunity to pique your visitor's interest and persuade them to stay. This section sets the tone for the entire page, so crafting a compelling headline is essential.

Best Sales Landing Page

Headlines are more than just introductions; they're powerful tools for sparking interest and conveying value.

An effective headline can quickly communicate what your product or service does and why someone should care. It's the hook that draws visitors in and compels them to learn more.

Here's how to craft headlines that capture attention and drive conversions:

Focus on benefits: People are primarily interested in how your product or service can improve their lives. Highlight the key benefits you offer in your headline.

Clarity is key: Keep your headline concise and easy to understand. Avoid jargon or overly complex wording.

Action-oriented language: Use strong verbs and clear calls to action to encourage visitors to engage with your landing page.

Headline 1( Benefit Driven): Freshlearn

“Only platform you need to create, market, and sell”

Headline 2 (Value proposition headline): Podia

“Your website, email marketing, and products. All under one roof.”

Headline 3 (Benefit + Call to Action): Coursera

“Reach your goals with ₹8,295 off one year of Coursera Plus”

Use  Engaging Visuals

When it comes to online course sales pages, captivating visuals are crucial for grabbing attention and keeping potential students engaged.

Text-heavy pages can feel overwhelming, but strategically placed images and videos can break up the content, making it easier to digest.

Online Course Creation Platform

This translates to a longer attention span for visitors, giving them a chance to be drawn into the value your course offers.

Quality is King

While any image or video can be added to a landing page, the key to success lies in choosing visuals that resonate with your target audience and directly connect to your course content.

Think about including professional photographs that depict students actively engaged in learning or benefitting from the course's teachings.

Likewise, consider incorporating sleek and informative infographics that highlight key course modules or showcase impressive results achieved by past students.

Visually Captivating Your Ideal Learner

Engaging visuals can be a powerful tool for not only grabbing attention but also for strategically targeting your ideal student.

For instance, if your course is designed for busy professionals seeking career advancement, you might showcase a video of a graduate confidently leading a meeting or delivering a presentation.

This approach paints a clear picture of the tangible outcomes your course offers, making it directly relatable to your target audience's aspirations.

By strategically incorporating visuals throughout your landing page, you can effectively engage potential students, highlight the value of your course, and ultimately drive conversions.

Build Trust and Credibility

When it comes to converting visitors into paying students for your online course, trust and credibility are paramount.  Your landing page is prime real estate for establishing yourself as a knowledgeable expert and convincing potential students that your course is the solution to their problems.

Build Trust and Credibility

Here's how you can build trust and credibility:

Address Pain Points and Offer Solutions

Your landing page should start by understanding your audience's struggles. Clearly identify the problems your course tackles.

Don't be vague – Most landing pages don't focus on the audience's problems which makes it difficult for them to relate to the page. So, make sure you use specific language that resonates with their pain points.  Once you've captured their attention, explain exactly how your course offers the solution.

Don't just list features; focus on the benefits and transformations students will experience after taking your course.

For example, if your course teaches photography, highlight the frustration of blurry or uninspired photos. Then, explain how your course provides a clear roadmap to capturing stunning images, allowing students to take their photography to the next level.

This simple sales page example can be a way to build trust among your audience which can definitely help you in the long run

Leverage Social Proof and Testimonials

People are naturally hesitant to invest in something unseen.  Social proof, in the form of testimonials from past students, is a powerful tool to build trust and credibility.

Showcase positive quotes from satisfied learners who achieved success through your course.  This authentic feedback reassures potential students that your course delivers real results.

If you have endorsements from established brands or affiliations within your field, including their logos can further boost credibility.  Seeing a trusted authority associated with your course adds another layer of validation for potential students.

Highlight Your Expertise

A qualified instructor is essential for a successful online course. Briefly introduce yourself and your background.  Highlight relevant experience, achievements, and qualifications that demonstrate your expertise in the course subject.

This establishes you as a trustworthy guide who can lead them towards their desired outcome.

Remember, the goal is not to boast, but to showcase your ability to deliver valuable instruction. You want potential students to feel confident that you possess the knowledge and experience to help them achieve their goals.

Guide Visitors Through Your Course

Captivating landing pages is the gateway to converting website visitors into enthusiastic course students. But simply throwing up a product description and a "Buy Now" button won't do the trick.

Here's how you can leverage the concept of guiding visitors through your course to craft compelling landing pages that drive sales:

Course Curriculum Overview

Start by giving visitors a clear roadmap of your course. Briefly explain how the program is structured, outlining the modules and lessons they can expect. Here, bullet points or icons are your friends!

Use them to showcase the key topics covered in each section. This provides a quick and easy way for visitors to understand what they'll learn and how the course progresses. Here's an example of a course curriculum from our Freshlearn creator, Tim Hobbs:

Course Curriculum

Course Delivery Format

Now, delve into how the course is delivered.  Explain if it's primarily video-based, text-heavy, or uses a mix of formats.

Highlight any unique features that set your course apart, like interactive quizzes, downloadable templates, or exclusive access to a community forum.

Here's how to make it shine:

Engaging Delivery: Learn at your own pace with pre-recorded video lectures.

Deepen your understanding with comprehensive reading materials.

Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes and activities.

Bonus Features: Downloadable templates and resources to put your learning into action.

Exclusive access to a private community forum for ongoing support and interaction.

Make The Decision Easy

When crafting a sales landing page for your online course, prioritize clarity and ease of action.  This "Make The Decision Easy" strategy focuses on removing friction from the enrollment process, ultimately boosting conversions.

Power Of CTAs

One key element is a clear call to action (CTA).  Your CTA button should be prominent and visually distinct. Craft the message with action verbs and highlight the value proposition.

Instead of a generic "Submit," opt for something like "Enroll Now" or "Start Your Transformation."  Consider adding urgency with limited-time offers or early-bird discounts.

Addressing potential objections can also be a powerful strategy. Briefly identify common concerns students might have,  like time commitment or lack of experience.  Offer solutions or guarantees to build confidence.

Start Your Online School today

This demonstrates your understanding of their needs and positions you as a reliable guide.  By implementing these tactics, your landing page becomes a frictionless path for potential students to take the leap and enroll in your online course.

Testimonials Can Be Your Sidekick

When it comes to crafting compelling sales landing pages for your online course, testimonials can be a game-changer.  These glowing endorsements from past students serve as powerful social proof, building trust and credibility with potential enrollees.

Think of them as convincing narratives that showcase the real-world impact of your course.

By strategically incorporating testimonials, you're essentially letting your past successes speak for themselves.

Prospective students get a glimpse into the positive transformations your course can bring.  Well-placed testimonials can address specific pain points and anxieties that potential students might have, demonstrating how your course has equipped others to overcome those hurdles.


Pricing can be a powerful tool in your online course sales landing page strategy. It goes beyond simply displaying a dollar amount.

By using pricing strategically, you can communicate the value of your course, address potential objections, and ultimately convert visitors into paying students.

Here's how you can leverage pricing on your landing page:

  • Highlight the Value Proposition: Don't just state the price, explain what students get for their investment. Connect the price to the benefits they'll receive, such as gaining a new skill, solving a problem, or achieving a specific outcome.
  • Use Different Pricing Tiers: Consider offering tiered pricing options. This allows you to cater to different budgets and needs. A lower-tier option can be an attractive entry point, while a higher tier with bonus features can entice those seeking a more premium experience.
  • Scarcity and Urgency: Limited-time discounts or early bird specials can create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to take action before the offer expires. This strategy can be particularly effective when combined with a clear call to action button.

How Freshlearn Can Help You To Create Sales Landing Pages For Your Online Courses?

With FreshLearn's intuitive sales page builder, you can effortlessly create stunning and effective sales landing pages in minutes, even if you have zero coding experience.

The easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor empowers you to design pages that not only look visually appealing but also drive conversions like never before.

Sales landing page builder


Effortless Page Building

Gone are the days of wrestling with complicated code. FreshLearn empowers you to craft a professional high-converting sales page without any coding knowledge.

Choose from our selection of pre-built templates, add your content, and voila! Your page is ready to publish in minutes, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your course content.

Modular Design Made Simple

Freshlearn's drag-and-drop editor functions like digital Lego blocks, enabling you to effortlessly stack content blocks atop one another with a few clicks. Whether it's text, images, videos, or buttons, you have complete control over your page's layout and design.

Landing Pages blocks

Stunning Themes for Optimal Conversions

Select from the curated collection of pre-designed themes, meticulously crafted to optimize conversion rates and ensure accessibility across all devices. With FreshLearn, your sales pages will not only look beautiful but also drive results.

Seamless User Experience

Say goodbye to clunky interfaces and hello to responsive layouts. Every element on your sales pages automatically adjusts to fit any screen size, ensuring a seamless user experience from desktop to mobile.

Streamlined Checkout Process

FreshLearn's unique features are tailored to streamline the checkout experience and drive learner enrollment. With one-click checkout functionality, learners can purchase courses without navigating away from the page, minimizing drop-offs and maximizing conversion rates.

Streamlined Checkout Process

Monetization Made Easy

Unlock the full potential of your courses with Freshlearn's membership and coupon features. Create exclusive memberships to offer learners access to premium content, or utilize coupons to drive sales and foster loyalty. With FreshLearn, monetizing your courses has never been more straightforward.

Final Words

By following these steps and focusing on the core elements that resonate with your ideal student, you can craft a sales landing page that smoothly guides visitors toward enrolling in your online course.

Remember, a well-structured landing page acts as a conversion machine, turning website traffic into paying students.

Ready to take your course sales to the next level? Freshlearn's powerful sales landing page builder equips you with all the tools you need to create stunning, high-converting landing pages.

Drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built templates, and seamless integrations with popular course platforms make building your dream sales page a breeze. Sign up for Freshlearn today and start turning website visitors into lifelong learners

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