Confirmation Email

How to Write a Confirmation Email – What You Must Know

Email confirmations are one of the most anticipated messages customers receive in their inbox, as it means their order went through and they’re one step closer to getting their goods. Since they’re such an expected email, they can often be overlooked or written with little attention, which are

Online Coaching Business

How to Launch an Online Coaching Business: The Ultimate Guide

Introduction Is an online coaching business profitable in 2024? Yes, there is an increasing trend among students of all ages to prioritize education and continue it throughout their lives. In fact, the online coaching market will likely hit $11.7 billion by 2032. Whether you're a business looking to incorporate

Canva Templates

How to Sell Canva Templates: Tips and Tricks

With 150 million people using its service as of 2023, Canva has grown to new heights surprisingly quickly. The platform for creating images and graphics, trimming videos, enhancing and editing images, and adding frames, text, and effects to photos is in everyone’s toolkit these days, it seems. Part of

Welcome Email Templates

Welcome Email Templates – Start Your Campaign Successfully

A welcome email brings a new lead into the fold after subscribing to your email list. The contents of the welcome message must be informative and engaging, keeping the lead on the hook as you bring them through the sales funnel while previewing what they’re in for. For instance,

Coursera Alternatives

Top 11 Coursera Alternatives 2024

Introduction The eLearning sector has expanded at a rate of 900% in the last two decades. Online learning platforms don’t just cater to school and college students anymore. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have made it feasible for everyone to enroll in and earn credit for courses taught by

Community Names Ideas

Tips for Creating Your Community Names

Did you know that more than 23 million people in the United States actively participate in online communities? And while many of these people will use their interests to guide the communities they join, others might sign up based on their name. After all, the name of a community says

Teaching Styles

Everything You Need To Know About Teaching Styles!

Introduction We all have been to that one teacher’s lecture that left us counting down the minutes until the bell rang! Why did some of us struggle while others easily grasped the concept? It's because everyone learns differently! It turns out that there's no one-size-fits-all teaching method. Research shows

Newsletter platforms

Top 10 Newsletter Platforms to Pick in 2024

Introduction Visitors who drop by The New York Times are 2X as likely to sign up for a paid subscription if they grab a newsletter first. While being a big name like NYT helps a ton in their digital game, let's not underestimate the power of a solid email strategy

Voice-Over on Google Slides

Make Your Content Count: How to Do a Voice-Over on Google Slides

Have you ever viewed a slideshow on Google Slides with voice-over narration? If so, you’ve probably wondered how they did it, right? The audio clips lend the presentation so much more professionalism and quality; you want to present something similar as part of your online course. You’ve come

Cost To Create An Online Course

How Much Does It REALLY Cost To Create An Online Course in 2024?

The online learning market has surged by an astonishing 900% globally since the 2000s, making online courses immensely popular today! Not only teachers but everyone including business owners is jumping into creating and selling online courses But here’s the thing which many online creators have in mind is: How

Creator Economy

What to Know About the Creator Economy in 2024?

In recent years, we’ve definitely seen how the creator economy has exploded which has also brought changes on how we consume content and how creators earn their living through it. This digital phenomenon empowers individuals – from artists and musicians to gamers and educators – to leverage their skills and passions

wireframe for a website

How To Create A Wireframe For A Website? The Ultimate Guide

Building a website is similar to constructing a house. Before the foundation is poured or the walls are framed, a blueprint is methodically drawn. In web design, the plan is known as a wireframe. This guide will provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary to construct a website wireframe,