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How to Write Good Instagram Bios – Top Pointers

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You only get one chance to make a solid first impression, and if most of your potential customers find you through Instagram, your biography (or bio for short) is it.

Writing good Instagram bios doesn’t have to elude you if you’ve struggled until now. You simply need bankable Instagram bio ideas you can employ today to take your social media presence to the next level tomorrow.

Join me as I expound on all the basics of writing strong Instagram bios that get you noticed!

Why Your Instagram Bio Matters

At the end of the day, your Instagram bio is just a couple of words, right? It’s what you post in your feed that matters, isn’t it?

It’s both! Remember, your Instagram bio is often your first impression. It’s an introduction to what’s to come in your feed. Think of it like you would an email subject line. It has to make an impact, or no matter how good the rest of the content is, people won’t stick around to see it.

That’s why it’s worth putting care into writing an Instagram bio.

Top Instagram Bio Ideas (With Examples) – No More Writer’s Block!

Don’t keep staring at that blank space on your Instagram account where your bio should go. Find the best writing pointers courtesy of some of the most successful accounts on the platform. Here’s a collection of them to inspire your brainstorming.

1. List Bio

Instagram Bio Ideas

A popular format for Instagram bios is the list. If you’re a multihyphenate or want to showcase what you do, listing your accomplishments in this format is the way to go.

Your bio for Instagram should be simple, straightforward, and fast to skim, and this format checks all those boxes.

2. The Benefits-Focused Bio

The Benefits-Focused Bio

Here’s one of my top Instagram bio ideas if you sell a product or service. Write your bio in a benefits-focused way, like Wild Lather did here.

You can get to know all the important points of the company just by reading the bio. You have the name, the business category (health/beauty), and some of its products and the fact that they’re made sustainably. It also helps that Wild Leather puts their website link at the end of their bio.

3. The Sales Pitch Bio

The Sales Pitch Bio

If you’d rather cut right to the chase, you can insert a CTA in your Instagram bio, such as Canadian news resource The GIST does here. The copy asks new readers to subscribe, hashtagging “link in bio,” which is down below.

This bio also links to the American sister page for the publication, which is a nice touch.

4. The Bio with All the Accolades

Instagram Bio Ideas

You should feel proud of your professional accomplishments, as they’re a testament to your skills and abilities. It’s not boastful to showcase them in your Instagram bio, especially if it will bolster your reputation and make clients or customers take you more seriously.

The above example is one of the best Instagram bio ideas for how to talk about yourself without bragging. This fitness trainer bio that mentions their YouTube followers, companies they’ve founded, and the Gymshark association builds trust and goodwill in the veracity of their services.

5. The Conglomerate Bio

Instagram Bio Ideas

Complex is a major media and news company with branch Instagram accounts for conventions, sports, music, and apparel. Its bio is dedicated to linking to its related accounts so it can generate more inter-account followers.

Each related account has an emoji in front of it to represent what the related account is. While this is a link-heavy setup, Complex still has room to include a link to learn more about its services at the bottom of the bio.

6. The Simple, Straightforward Bio

6. The Simple, Straightforward Bio

Once you gain a certain level of acclaim, you can strip back your Instagram bio to only the essentials, as seen here in footwear manufacturer Manitobah’s bio.

While this kind of bio style might seem a little too bare-bones for some of you reading this, spot the Linktree link at the end of the bio. This gives potential customers who want to learn more about Manitobah easy access to information.

7. The Endorsement Bio

The Endorsement Bio

Listen, if someone major in your industry pays you a compliment, you should showcase that. For example, the luxury wares brand St. Frank was called a “Bohemian home décor mecca” by Vogue, and that quote is the first line of its bio.

The quote serves a purpose. It screams of St. Frank: “Take me seriously!” The rest of the bio is dedicated to the brand’s products and the fact that they’re locally made by artisans and that customers can get free shipping if they spend $150. That’s another incentive to click the link below to the St. Frank store.

8. The Emoji Bio

Instagram Bio Ideas

Like in any form of marketing, emojis have their time and place when writing Instagram bios.

If you’re still searching for Instagram bio ideas, try an emoji or two. They break up points, illustrate details, and overall make your bio more appealing to look at. Just check out this example to see what I mean.

Mike is a sales expert, and his bio perfectly embodies that salesperson vibe. He doesn’t abuse emojis yet inserts five into his bio. It’s all about which you choose and how you place them.

9. The Hashtag Bio

Instagram Hashtag Bio

Do you have an epic hashtag associated with your business like Jam Gamble, a public speaking coach, does? Hers is #SlayerOfTheMic, which is so cool she uses it twice, both in her intro and later in the bio.

If you’ve cultivated your own custom hashtag, incorporate it into your Instagram bio. And if you don’t have a hashtag yet, perhaps now is a good time to create one.

Best Practices for Writing Good Instagram Bios

Now that you’ve seen some truly great Instagram bio ideas, it’s time to let loose and write your own. The following advice will make that simpler.

Have a Goal in Mind

What are you trying to achieve with your Instagram bio? While you can have many goals, you should only focus on one at a time.

For example, as a new business, you’re probably interested in spreading brand awareness. As your brand continues to grow, you might rewrite your bio to introduce a new product or service.

Trying to cram too many goals into your bio overcomplicates what’s supposed to be a simple and readable tidbit on your business. You’ll dilute both goals and likely accomplish neither.

Know the Character Limit

An Instagram bio is short, with a limit of only 150 characters. A character includes one letter, number, space, or symbol. Emojis also count toward characters.

Instagram won’t let you save your bio if it goes over the character limit, so make sure to carefully monitor the length of yours.

Be Personable

Even when writing professional Instagram bios, you can still let your brand’s personality shine through. Your copy will be more engaging and make a stronger impression.

However, don’t try to be what you’re not. For example, if your brand voice isn’t usually comical but your bio is, that can create dissonance and confusion.

The character limit in an Instagram bio also includes link space. If you have enough after writing your bio, you should insert a link to your website.

What if your link is too long, or you have more than one you want to share? Linktree and other link-in-bio tools will let you add several links under one umbrella. Your Linktree link will also be short.

Otherwise, you can use link-condensing services to generate an abridged URL that fits within the character restrictions.

Use Emojis, But Not Too Many

As mentioned, emojis are fine in your Instagram bio, to a point. If you use more than five or six, you’re doing too much. A bio that consists of nothing but emojis also probably won’t be as popular as you might assume.

Include Your Contact Info

How do people get in touch with you if they like what they see on your Instagram account and in your bio? You can include your phone number, website link, or email address in your bio or Linktree to drive more conversions.

Add a CTA

You can’t use a traditional CTA button when writing Instagram bios, so you’ll have to rely on strong copywriting. Whether you ask the reader to sign up for your course, buy your product or service, or schedule you for a consultation, make the CTA clear and straightforward.

Include a Category

As an Instagram Business profile, you should be able to select your business category. This tells new customers at a glance what your business does before you furnish them with more info through your bio.

Preview Before Committing

Before you hit the save button on your Instagram account, preview your new profile. Ask someone else to do the same, as sometimes having a second set of eyes can help you correct spelling or grammar mistakes you missed and otherwise tighten up your copy.

Instagram Bio Templates to Use Now

Bring your Instagram bio ideas to life with these templates.

Higher Education Instagram Bio

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Nonprofit Instagram Bio

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Retail Instagram Bios

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Health Instagram Bios

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Tech Instagram Bio

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Wrapping Up

Instagram bio ideas are everywhere you look. There are many unique ways of presenting yourself to the world of social media through your bio, giving you freedom in how you write yours.

Good Instagram bios include elements of your personality, a CTA, at least one link, and maybe an emoji to make the entire paragraph more visually appealing.

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