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How Much Does It REALLY Cost To Create An Online Course in 2024?

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The online learning market has surged by an astonishing 900% globally since the 2000s, making online courses immensely popular today!

Not only teachers but everyone including business owners is jumping into creating and selling online courses

But here’s the thing which many online creators have in mind is: How much does it actually cost to create an online course?

Well, the answer is really simple! Building an online course is like cooking your favorite meal- you need the ingredients and the cost depends on how fancy you want it to be.

In this blog, we'll break down everything from filming your lessons to marketing them to the world, so you know exactly what you're getting into before you whip up your own online course masterpiece.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Creating an Online Course

There's a thrill in sharing your knowledge and building a successful online course. But before diving in, it's crucial to understand the expenses involved. Here's a breakdown of key factors that influence the cost of creating online courses:

1. Content Development

Course Depth and Length: The cost to create an online course will majorly depend on the length and depth of your course. A comprehensive course with in-depth explanations, case studies, and practical exercises will require more time and resources to develop compared to a basic introductory course.

Your Expertise: If you need to conduct extensive research to solidify your knowledge base, factor in that time. Conversely, leveraging your existing expertise can streamline content course creation.

Content Originality: Developing original content takes more effort than curating existing materials. However, the original course curriculum teaches you as a thought leader and can justify a higher price tag.

2. Multimedia Production

Production Quality: The cost of creating an online course also comes down to high-quality videos with professional lighting and sound design. You also need a good balance of well-structured presentations and clear audio.

Variety of Media: Incorporating elements like infographics, animations, or interactive quizzes enhances engagement, but each requires additional design or online course development resources.

3. Platform and Technology

Learning Management System (LMS): Many online course platforms offer features like video hosting, student interaction tools, and progress tracking. These features come with varying subscription fees.

Course Design Tools: Software for creating interactive elements, quizzes, or assessments can add to your cost to create an online course, but you need to streamline the development process according to your needs.

4. Marketing and Promotion

Marketing Strategy: Organic reach can take time. Paid advertising campaigns on social media or search engines can accelerate enrolling students but require budget allocation.

Promotional Materials: Creating high-quality marketing materials like website copy, email sequences, or social media graphics can involve design or copywriting fees.

Detailed Breakdown of Costs

Creating and delivering educational content can be financially rewarding, but it's important to understand the costs involved before you dive in. Here's a breakdown of the key expense categories you'll encounter:

A. Content Development Costs

Hiring Subject Matter Experts or Instructors: This is a crucial investment, especially for complex topics. Experts bring credibility and ensure the accuracy of your content. The cost to create an online course will vary depending on their experience and qualifications.

Content Creation Tools and Resources: Scriptwriting software, online research tools, and plagiarism checkers can streamline content creation but come with associated fees.

B. Multimedia Production Costs

Equipment and Software: High-quality video and audio equipment can be expensive, but there are also cost-effective options. Video editing software subscriptions add to the ongoing costs.

Hiring Professionals (Videographer, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Instructional Designer): If you lack in-house production capabilities, hiring freelancers or agencies can elevate the quality of your course content.

Royalty-free Music and Stock Footage: Using licensed music and video clips adds polish but comes with a price tag. Explore royalty-free options to manage these costs.

C. Platform and Technology Costs

Subscription Fees for Course Hosting Platforms: Many platforms offer different pricing tiers based on features and storage needs. Choose a platform that aligns with your budget and course format.

Payment Processing Fees: Transaction fees are usually a percentage of each sale. Compare different payment processors to find the most cost-effective option.

Website Hosting and Domain Registration: Having a professional website showcases your courses and builds trust. Hosting fees and domain registration are relatively inexpensive but add to the overall cost structure.

D. Marketing and Promotion Costs

Advertising Budgets (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.): Paid advertising can be highly effective but requires careful planning and budget allocation. Track your return on investment (ROI) to optimize ad spend.

Email Marketing Software Fees: Building an email list allows you to nurture potential customers. Email marketing platforms often have tiered pricing structures based on subscriber numbers.

Outsourcing Marketing Tasks (Copywriting, Graphic Design):  Hiring freelance copywriters and graphic designers can free up your time but add to your marketing budget.

Tips for Cost Optimization (Use Freshlearn)

So, we talked about how much it can cost to create an online course, which might make you wonder if it's worth it. But guess what? There are awesome ways to do it on a budget and still have a killer course!

Imagine a platform that's like a magic trick - Freshlearn lets you create courses, workshops, and even downloadable goodies to sell, all in about an hour.

No crazy effort is needed! It's a fantastic way to test the waters of being an online course creator and see if you love it.

Here's how FreshLearn can help you:

Create Engaging Courses

  • Build interactive, on-demand courses and cohort-based programs.
  • Include various content types like videos, text, images, audio, and more.
  • Manage and organize your course content with a user-friendly interface.
  • Sell ebooks alongside your courses for additional income.

Grow Your Audience

  • Design beautiful and professional course landing pages with the no-code page builder.
  • Utilize the built-in CMS to effortlessly publish blog posts and grow your subscriber list.
  • Leverage pre-built, conversion-optimized checkout pages for seamless transactions.
  • Implement email marketing with user-friendly templates and a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Empower your learners to become promoters with the affiliate marketing program.

Manage Your Business Effectively

  • Accept payments through integrated solutions for a smooth sales experience.
  • Customize your online presence to reflect your brand identity.
  • Gather and showcase testimonials from satisfied students.
  • Track learner progress with powerful analytics tools.
  • Motivate learners and boost engagement with gamification features.

Simplified Compliance and Automation

  • Design and issue completion certificates automatically upon course completion.
  • Manage assignments efficiently with automated workflows for creation, upload, and grading.
  • Schedule content delivery with drip-feed functionality.
  • Ensure video player control adheres to compliance requirements.

Flexible & Supportive Platform

  • Choose from three pricing plans to suit your needs, with a free option to get started.
  • Benefit from 24/7 live chat, email, and call support whenever you need help.
  • Migrate your existing courses from other platforms with ease (on Pro and No Brainer plans).

AI-Powered Landing Page Builder

  • Generate compelling course titles, outlines, and descriptions in seconds using AI.
  • Get suggestions for relevant images to create visually appealing landing pages.
  • Customize the AI-generated content to perfectly match your brand and message.

With FreshLearn, you can focus on what you do best - creating high-quality courses and engaging with your students. The platform takes care of the rest, allowing you to build a successful online business around your knowledge and expertise.


Now, let's talk pricing!

Out of many platforms available there, Freshlearn has one of the most affordable tiered pricing plans that is suitable for both newbies and experts.

You have the flexibility to choose between free and paid plans, allowing you to start with the basic version and upgrade as needed. This gives you the opportunity to explore the service without commitment and then make an informed decision about upgrading.

Check out Freshlearn’s pricing and features for a more detailed breakdown:

Final Words

Making an online course isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. It can be super affordable or splurge-worthy, depending on what you're aiming for and what you've got to work with.

So, I've laid out all the different things that might influence your cost to create an online course. But hey, the most important thing you're investing is your time and know-how.

Concentrate on making top-notch content that tackles the problems your audience faces, and you'll be cruising toward success with your online course.

I also mentioned how you can create online courses with Freshlearn without spending a huge amount of money. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today for a free trial and explore the amazing features at a creator-friendly price.

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