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How to Write a Confirmation Email – What You Must Know

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Email confirmations are one of the most anticipated messages customers receive in their inbox, as it means their order went through and they’re one step closer to getting their goods.

Since they’re such an expected email, they can often be overlooked or written with little attention, which are mistakes. These emails get some of the highest open rates at 65 percent, and they have an equally healthy click-through rate of 17 percent.

Although confirmation emails should always stick to their primary intention, you can use them as vehicles to upsell and so much more.

This introductory guide to sending confirmation emails will help you add more punch and pizzazz to your email content.

What Is a Confirmation Email? Why Send Them?

The average consumer makes two online transactions a day as of 2022, says PYMNTS. If you do the math, that’s 14 transactions a week, which means a lot of confirmation emails.

As the name implies, a confirmation email is a reply issued to a customer after they conclude a purchase. It’s usually automated, allowing it to be instant. I mean instant; the message can appear seconds to a minute after an order goes through or several minutes later. Either way, it’s fast.

For consumers, the purpose of a confirmation email is singular but very important. The email tells them their order went through. Sure, after a transaction, you’re usually transported to a confirmation page, but the internet gets wonky at times.

The confirmation email is de facto proof that the order will soon be on the way.

There are plenty more reasons to write and send confirmation emails if you aren’t already. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Instills trust in your new customers that you’re a legit business.
  • Continue a positive professional relationship with your new customers.
  • Provides critical order information customers need to know.
  • Presents opportunities for upselling via accessories that go with the main purchase or related products. Also, a good chance to connect with your new customers on social media by inviting them to follow you.

How to Write Confirmation Emails – All the Steps

Are you ready to get started sending a confirmation email? Here are the required steps for success.

Step 1 – Include Your Recipient(s)

Confirmation emails will go out at various times depending on when your customers make a purchase. Triple-check that you send the email to the correct recipient or recipients. If you erroneously email a confirmation, you can erode trust in the professional relationship.

You’re also going to cause a lot of confusion on both sides. The customer who placed an order will wonder why they didn’t get a confirmation, and the one who didn’t place an order will be curious why they got the confirmation.

Step 2 – Write the Subject Line

The subject line of a confirmation email should be just as catchy and engaging as any other message you send, from new product arrivals to newsletters. Here are some strategies to help you write killer subject lines for your confirmation message:

  • Keep it short and sweet, with the limit being 60 characters.
  • Cut down on excess punctuation, like too many exclamation points. It comes across as spammy, especially for a confirmation email.
  • Likewise, don’t write in all caps. That’s not what a confirmation email is about.
  • Skip the puns or jokes. You’re trying to deliver news about a product order; save the amusing one-liners for your next newsletter.
  • Include the order number in the subject copy.
  • Personalize by including the recipient’s name.

Step 3 – Write the Body Copy

Next, it’s time to write the email itself. There will be plenty of templates and examples on how this is done, but once again, short and snappy copy lends itself well here. There’s not too much else to say when confirming an order besides trying to upsell or gain some new social followers.

Step 4 – A/B Test

Ideally, you should have already tested your confirmation email subject lines and body content. A/B tests take weeks to derive conclusive evidence, and your confirmations need to go out ASAP.

Step 5 – Send From a Noreply Address

Your business likely has dedicated email addresses for customer service concerns and questions. That’s not what the confirmation email is about, nor what it’s intended for.

Send all order confirmations from a noreply email address, such as an auto-confirm address like Amazon does.


Step 6 – Schedule the Email

Since customers can place orders anytime around the clock due to differing needs and time zones, using an email scheduler is a surefire way to ensure confirmation messages go out instantly after a customer places an order.

Email automation workflows let you build out drip campaigns using if-then rules so your confirmation messages reach the recipient instantly without any manual intervention.

Step 7 – Track Metrics

As you implement confirmation messages, review your email marketing metrics. What kind of open rates do the confirmation emails get? What about click-through rates? The numbers should be high for both.

Excellent Examples of Confirmation Emails

You know how to write a confirmation email, but before you get started with yours, review these examples of confirmations sent from major brands.



Image courtesy of CXL

This smart email from Blanchard’s is short and to the point. It confirms the order and mentions they’re already processing it for shipping and will email again when it’s time to ship.

It’s straightforward until the end, where there’s a teal-blue CTA button to review the order. Besides that is a small and subtle link to visit the Blanchard’s store, where you’ll perhaps buy something else.



Image courtesy of Automizy

When a customer makes a major purchase, such as seen here, they want their confirmation email posthaste. This email is a slightly different take on the email above, mentioning in the first paragraph how much the customer was billed for and that their order was “successfully processed.”

The second paragraph provides resources, including support, the Abstract help center, and a link to settings.



Image courtesy of Pipedrive

This Leadpages webinar email template, used for an event called the Holiday Hustle, is yet another type of confirmation email you might send if you sell services, webinars, and info products.

The lead-in copy says “Your registration is complete” in big, bold text to eliminate any confusion. Below that is a countdown to the event and links to add the event date to an iCal, Outlook, or Google calendar.



Image courtesy of Seizy

Here’s a traditional eCommerce confirmation email after purchasing a product from popular retailer Etsy. It’s a straightforward email, with the use of star graphics a nice touch. The tracker at the bottom for ordering, shipping, and when the order is expected is also a smart inclusion.



Image courtesy of Encharge

Sometimes, a confirmation email isn’t exactly as cut and dried as all that. A customer might have to confirm their account by clicking a link, which completes the registration or software signup. Project management platform Slack requires that, so let’s take a look at one of its confirmation emails.

The email starts with a bolded intro, “Confirm your email address to get started on Slack.” Below that is a short paragraph explaining why Slack needs you to confirm and mentioning the email address used to make a Slack account.

The “Confirm Email Address” button in green is large, bright, and placed well in the email body to make confirming account creation easy.

Confirmation Email Templates to Utilize

Are you sending a confirmation email and still struggling to come up with copy that works? Try these templates!

Feedback Confirmation Email Template

Thanks for reaching out!

At [company name], we take all feedback we receive seriously. Know that we’ll be carefully reviewing your message and continuing to improve our processes to better serve amazing customers like you.

There’s nothing further you have to do. We just want to thank you again for taking the time to connect with us!

Support Confirmation Email Template

We got your message.

We sent it straight to our support team’s inbox. They’re ready to work on your request and will get back to you as quickly as possible. Our turnaround time is usually within one business day.

While you wait, please review our knowledge base or check out our forums to see if other customers like you have offered helpful insights.

Registration Confirmation Email Template

Your registration is confirmed.

Hey, [name], welcome to the fold. You’re officially in! Now that you’re here, why not take a look at the site here? [link]

You can also complete your profile [link], adjust your settings [link], and connect with others in our exclusive online community [link]. We’re excited you’re here!

Subscription Confirmation Email Template

Hi [name],

You’re almost there, but before we can complete your registration, please verify your email using the button below. It only takes a moment!

If you received this email in error, please contact our support team.

Order Confirmation Email Template

Your order is confirmed.


Thank you for placing your order [order name and number]. We got it and we’ll get right to work on sending it to you. Stay tuned for a shipping update!


[Company name]

Wrapping Up

Deciphering how to write a confirmation email doesn’t have to leave you scratching your head. It’s easier than you think, especially when you rely on the templates above. They’ll help you write copy until it flows naturally for you.

Remember, a confirmation email is a good opportunity to build trust, engage with the customer, and possibly upsell them. Use automation to schedule your emails so they arrive fast, and don’t forget to track your open and click-through rates!

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