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Create online course

This article explains in detail how to create an online course in FreshLearn.

Creating a course

Course creation is the easiest part of FreshLearn. We have worked really hard to make it as easy as it can be i.e. just a few clicks and it should be done :)

To create a new course just login to your FreshLearn account and click on “Create Course”

  • On the left hand side of the menu,click on products. The product menu will expand. Click on products and you will see option to create course on the top right hand side corner or the center of the screen ( this is visible when no courses are present )
  • This will bring you to the course creation area where you can fill in the course title, course description,author and the optional card image. You can change them later as well.
  • After entering the information, click on the create course button and it will take you to the area where you can put your curriculum, pricing etc.

That's it your course got created successfully.

Editting a course

The course details like course title, description, author and image can be edited anytime.

  • In the products -> course, there will be a list of courses created by you in the cards format. Click on the edit icon and you will be taken to the same screen as course creation but with the previous values filled in it.
  • Just modify the values as you wish and then click on save. The new edited values will be saved for the course.